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BionX P 350 RR Electric bike kit

BionX P 350 RR Electric bike kit
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The BionX system is powerful enough that you will be able to tackle most any hill or long distance with ease, yet light enough that your bike still feels like a bike. Bionx electric motor kits feature proportional assist (to control how much help you get), regenerative braking (to recharge the battery while you stop), light weight, excellent range, is noise and vibration free. You can install a BionX e-bike system on a bicycle you already ride and love, or visit Basically Bicycles for a bike and a Bionx unit.

Kit includes:
• Motor: 350 Watts with 26" wheel
• Battery: Li-Ion / 48V / 8.8 Ah / 433 Wh
• Rear Rack with locking battery holder
• Rear Rack battery.
• RC3 Controller 
• DS3 Display for RC3 Controller
• Battery Charger