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Used Bikes & Trikes

Bacchetta Strada (pre-owned)
This sleek short wheelbase Bacchetta Strada recumbent bicycle features lots of upgrades and extras, including a Suntour front suspension fork (as well as the original fork), Vuelta Zero Lite wheels, extra-thick seat cushion (as well as the standard cushion), seat bag, clipless pedals, water bottle holder, and mirror. If you like zippy road riding in a comfortable package, this used recumbent bike may be a good choice for you.
Bacchetta Bella (pre-owned)
This used recumbent bike is in excellent condition and includes a roomy Bacchetta seat bag. With an aluminum frame and long wheelbase, the Bella offers incredible comfort and stability at all speeds. For those riders new to recumbent bikes, this means the learning process is as easy as getting on your new recumbent, and riding away. Whether you ride it around town or across the country--the Bella is a beautiful option!
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