Ice Trikes Adventure

Ice Trikes Adventure
Options shown. Price listed is for trike as defined in Specifications (image may differ).
  • Options shown. Price listed is for trike as defined in Specifications (image may differ).
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Shown here is a popular, customer-favorite build kit for the ICE Adventure recumbent trike. You might choose different options and components, so your trike might look different from the one pictured. Price for the Adventure line starts at $2995; upgrades and additional features will change the price.

Enjoy the relaxed pace of recumbent riding on a beautifully designed, luxurious, ICE Adventure trike. All trikes in the ICE Adventure range are built on an optimized ICE frame featuring Compact Flat Twist Fold, No Brake Steer, Rider Positioning System, and wide range gearing. With an upright riding position, it's easy to cruise the open road, discover forgotten backroads, and explore new horizons. The Adventure is easy to ride and gives a great view of the scenery ahead. Built of chromoly steel and 7005 aluminum, the Adventure is responsive, fast, and durable without any unnecessary weight. On the hills or the flats, the ergonomic seat offers comfort, pedaling efficiency, and stability, enabling all-day excursions without back, neck, or hip pain. And it's easy to take wherever you go, because the Adventure folds for simple storage and transportation.

Contact us to make your Adventure trike exactly how you want!

At Basically Bicycles, we can install a BionX electric motor kit on nearly all of the bikes and trikes we sell. A BionX Electric Motor Kit makes your ICE Trikes Adventure recumbent trike even more convenient and fun. This wonderful upgrade offers both a traditional throttle and power-assist technology along with extended range for the ideal balance of pedaling and power. With BionX's proportional assist, you just set the power level and start pedaling. The harder you pedal, the more power the motor adds so you go faster and further with less effort. Or you can use the throttle for an instant burst of speed anytime. And, when the time comes to head downhill, BionX's regenerative braking uses the motor to help slow you down while recharging the battery for a sweet energy-efficient bonus!

Contact Dave at Basically Bicycles for details.

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