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Schwalbe Marathon Winter HS 396
If you want to ride all year round in icy conditions, give the Schwalbe Marathon Winter studded tire a whirl. Even in tight bends and under violent braking, everything remains under control. The spikes work best on ice when running at minimum tire pressure, while at maximum tire pressure the tires can be ridden on ice-free roads with minimal road noise. Note: Set the spikes by riding on asphalt, while avoiding any fast acceleration or heavy braking, for about 25 miles.
Schwalbe Marathon Plus
$52.55 - $59.00
Looking for maximum protection from flat tires? Marathon Plus with SmartGuard belts are what you need. Smart Guard protects against the biggest puncture problems experienced by everyday cyclists -- objects that embed in the tread and insidiously work their way through even the most sophisticated puncture protection belt as the tire rotates against the road. Smart Guard is one solution that works on these 'time bombs' such as shards, flints and glass. The laboratory had to redevelop test procedures in order to puncture the tube inside the Marathon Plus. None of the usual tire destroyers like glass, flints or shards would penetrate the tread and only by extreme application of force could the technicians break through the protection. This puncture protection is due to the five millimeter thick Smart Guard belt made from special India rubber that in conjunction with the tread and carcass brings the total to almost a centimeter of material between the tube and road. Smart guard tires are a great choice for recumbent riders who want maximum protection against flat tires.
Schwalbe Big Apple
$39.00 - $49.95
Schwalbe completely revised the extra-wide Big Apple tire. The pronounced profile combined with the RaceGuard puncture protection belt now makes it even more suitable for everyday life. Enjoy the comfort these special wide tires provide through the principle of pneumatic air suspension. The large volume air cushion has a natural damping effect, making complicated suspension technology redundant. Reflective stripes on the sidewalls help keep you visible in the dark, too.
Schwalbe Durano HS 399
$29.00 - $49.00
Long, luscious road rides deserve great tires. The Dual Compound of the Durano offers great grip for training on wet winter roads, plus outstanding durability and Schwalbe's proven RaceGuard protection belt. Under normal conditions – i.e. not loaded, on-road and under ordinary braking - expected tread life should be over 6,500 mi (10,000 km). The folding bead option makes it a good spare to carry with you on those centuries!
Schwalbe Marathon Racer Tire
$33.65 - $42.95
Schwalbe's Marathon Racer offers excellent puncture protection in a fast-rolling, slick-tread tire. Their SpeedGrip rubber compound means great handling and long tread life, too.
Schwalbe Martathon Racer
$34.95 - $42.95
Schwalbe's fastest and lightest Marathon bicycle tire. The Marathon Racer features excellent speed and grip in wet conditions. LiteSkin sidewall with reflective stripe to make you more visible in dark and dreary conditions. Always inflate to the recommended pressure.
Schwalbe Tryker (20-inch)
Built for the recumbent trike rider, Schwalbe's Tryker provides minimal rolling resistance and is light, fast and durable.
Schwalbe Marathon
$34.95 - $41.95
Schwalbe's archetypal high quality touring bike tire. Updated in 2012, featuring: GreenGuard. The highly elastic, India rubber layer is 3 mm thick. Green is not just the color, but also the philosophy: One third of the GreenGuard is made up of recycled latex products. "Anti-Aging." Keep sidewall cracks from underinflation at bay for much longer. Also, the new Endurance Compound substantially increases tire durability. E-Bike Ready. The 2012 Marathon has been designed for use on all types of electric bikes, even those that go up to 50 kph. the reflective stripe on the side helps keep you visible in the dark, too.
Origin8 Elimin-8or 700c Bike Tire
The perfect combination of speed and control. Great lightweight racing and training tire. Product Info Type Road Size 700x23 ISO 622 Bead Fold Belted Belted PSI 120 Weight TPI 60
Sunlite 26x1.95 Alphabite mountain bike tire
The Alphabite mountain bike tire with widely paced, large knobs for mud, sand.
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