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Cloud-9 Kush Plus
- Plush all purpose saddle with memory foam inserts for improved comfort - Water resistant covering for all weather durability - Anatomic relief channel aids in long term comfort - Steel rails Dimensions - Narrow: 270 x 141mm - Medium: 270 x 160mm - Wide: 270 x 192mm
Cloud-9 Cruiser Sofa Saddle
The Cloud-9 Cruiser Sofa bicycle seat will add comfort if you use an upright riding position which puts more weight on your seat. Featuring vented anatomic relief channel to reduce pressure and promote air circulation, this bike saddle includes multi-stage comfort foam and dual coil spring suspension to provide overall support and shock absorbing comfort. Dimensions: 12.5" long X 11.5" wide
Cloud-9 Sport Anatomic saddle (Men's)
This Cloud-9 anatomic bicycle seat is designed for men who ride leaning forward in a more aggressive riding position. It features an anatomic relief channel to reduce pressure and multi-stage comfort foam to provide support and reduce the shock of impacts. Dimensions: 10.75" long X 6.25" wide
Cloud-9 Metroline Airflow
- Comfort saddle with multi-stage foam and a full memory foam top layer and elastomer suspension for increased comfort - Water resistant material for increased all weather durability - Front and rear underside bumpers for increased wear resistance - Vented anatomical cutout - Dimensions: 255 x 220mm
Cloud-9 Comfort Light-Bar
-Comfort position and medium width for those who ride slightly upright - Multi-stage foam for extended comfort - Anatomic relief takes pressure off the perineal nerve - Integrated light bar for increased safety day or night - Dimensions: 10 x 8-inch
Cloud-9 Kush Plus Airflow Comfort
The Cloud-9 Kush Plus Airflow saddles are designed to provide sit bone support for riders who are slightly upright. This is a plush saddle suitable for most cycling purposes. Features: Multi-stage comfort foam to provide support and reduce the shock fo impacts PLUS memory foam inserts that conform to your body for added comfort and shock-dampening. Anatomic relief channel to reduce pressure on delicate areas for long-term comfort Vented to promote cool air circulation for comfort Water resistant covering for all-weather durability Durable steel rails - Size: 270mm x 190mm - Weight: 444g
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If the mesh base of the seat on your late-model Catrike Villager, Trail, Road, Dumont, or 559 is damaged, this is the replacement. To make a whole seat, you need four items: a folding seat base mesh, folding seat foam cover, folding seat internal foam upper, and folding seat internal foam lower.
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