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Bacchetta Recumbent Bikes

Bacchetta Carbon Basso GS
Bacchetta's Carbon Basso GS combines the Carbon Basso frame with easy-on-the-wallet Giro components. Fast, affordable and super easy to ride, the Basso Giro redefines the 20 inch front wheel format. BB Height: 26 Seat Height: 23 Wheelbase: Standard: 49 Weight: 23 lbs. 12 oz. Weight Limit: 250 lbs. (Rider and Gear Make Up Total Weight Limit) Gear Range: 25-126.5 Color: Pearl Orange Frame Size: Standard: 12.5 Boom Large: 14 X-Seam: Standard: 36"-46", Large: 41"-50"
Bacchetta Corsa A70
Bacchetta's Corsa is ready for everything from fun rides to setting a personal record on your next century. For top-notch power transfer and awesome handling it boasts Bacchetta's lightweight aluminum frame and vibration-damping carbon fork. And, this sweet speedster is equipped with fine components like aero Alex wheels with sticky Kenda Kaliente tires, a precision-shifting SRAM X-9 rear derailleur, stiff, sleek FSA Gossamer crankset, and powerful Bacchetta dual-pivot brakes. You'll also love the lightweight EuroMesh seat that keeps you riding in the lap of luxury as you rocket down the road. Your Corsa is even more deluxe with an upgrade to a 10 speed drive train. Also available with 650c wheels, as the Corsa-A65.
Bacchetta Giro A20
Bacchetta's Giro A20 recumbent bike boasts a great-handling, super-efficient and light aluminum frame with a slightly stretched wheelbase so it climbs and accelerates like a champ, corners with ease and also smooths the roughest roads. It sports a low 20-inch front wheel for easier stopping and starting, too. This svelte roadster is equipped with a 27-speed SRAM/FSA drivetrain for flawless shifting and Avid disc brakes for awesome stopping power in all riding conditions. Plus, you'll love the support and comfort of Bacchetta's EuroMesh seat. Call to order.
Bacchetta Giro A26
With its lightweight aluminum frame and dual 26-inch wheels, Bacchetta's Giro A26 zips along the road quickly and smoothly. It's slightly longer wheelbase makes it a stable handler, whether you're climbing, descending or zooming along the flats. The Giro is built for fun riding and reliability whether you're year-round commuting, touring or just getting out on the weekends. You get sweet components like Avid brakes and a SRAM X-9 drivetrain with FSA cranks that provide all the gears you need to flatten any hills. Plus, you also get quality Alex wheels with durable, multi-surface Kenda tires.
Bacchetta Giro 20
Whether you're touring the country or the neighborhood, Bacchetta's Giro 20 recumbent bicycle lets you do it all with ease and in total comfort. The stable chromoly frame and slightly stretched wheelbase soak up road bumps while the low 20-inch front wheel makes starting and stopping easy. Plus, its 27-speed SRAM drivetrain has plenty of gears for taming the hills and the Avid brakes deliver sure stopping power. And, when you're ready to fly, the aerodynamic Giro 20 recumbent bike is up for serious speed and fun!
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